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About Us

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide adults and children with printed and non-printed materials, supply access to information, offer a current in-depth collection of materials and sponsor special activities emphasizing the importance of reading to all to meet informational, recreational, educational and cultural needs of Minot citizens.

Board of Trustees

Library Board

The Library Board of Trustees are:

  • Lisa Olson
  • Ryan Ackerman
  • Susan Gessner
  • Deborah Johnson
  • Roger Brabandt
  • Jerry Kaup (Library Director)

The Library Board of Trustees governs library operations. Board members must be residents of Minot and are appointed under authority of state statute to three-year terms. The Board meets on the third Thursday of every month at 4:15 PM in the Library's Conference Room. The meeting dates are subject to change by action of the Board. Please call 852-1045 to confirm the date.

Fast Facts

Long Range Goals

2014 - 2018 Strategic Programs and Public Relations Long Range Goals

GOAL A. Create and maintain excellent customer services with a competent, well trained and motivated staff.

  1. Invest in staff development and training, particularly in our rapid changing technology driven field. Revise and update training plan by January of each year.
  2. Conduct customer service training annually. Focus on phone training Professional Ethics and Value Statement Training in 2013.
  3. Review the staffing of the library and realign staffing as needed to effectively use available staff and provide good customer service.
  4. Continue to make efforts to empower each staff member to carry out their responsibilities independent of supervision in order to provide greater challenge and satisfaction.
  5. Recognize and reward staff for their service annually.
  6. Maintain and continue goal & merit based evaluation system.
  7. Promote the library’s mission and values statement through training and new employee orientation and by posting it in different areas of the Library.
  8. Strengthen staff specialties through education and assign responsibilities that enhance strengths of employees. Review staff collection development responsibilities annually.
  9. Conduct salary study annually to ensure competitive salaries and benefits.
  10. Encourage utilization of available Internet library masters degree programs to enhance existing staff qualifications. Award staff completing Masters Degree $500.
  11. Add additional hours for a librarian to assist with collection development. (long range)
  12. As technology changes and advances and the number of computers and other devices increase review adding additional hours for a backup technology aid to assist with troubleshooting (long range).

GOAL B. Provide high-interest, popular materials in a variety of formats for all ages.

  1. Purchase high interest nonfiction materials to enhance the nonfiction collection placing emphasis on following subject areas: software applications, collectibles, travel and family development.
  2. Continue with major weeding from the 2nd floor library collection. Weed at least 10,000 items in 2013 and 10,000 items in 2014.
  3. Allocate $65,000 by 2014from the books/materials/information budget for the purchase of electronic resources (online periodicals, e-books, e-Video, eAudiobooks and other e-resource databases). Participate in the North Dakota Public Library Digital Consortium to provide maximum access to eFormats.
  4. Purchase priority for library materials is in the following order:
                                                       2013            2014 
    • Electronic Resources     $60,000         $65,000
           Including eVideo, eBooks, eAudiobooks 
    • Adult nonfiction Books  35,885            39,474 
    • Adult fiction Books (with pbs) 24,448 26,937 
    • Magazines 19,413 19,413 
    • Children’s (fiction & nonfiction) 18,434 20,277 
    • Reference materials 14,780 12,484
    • Recorded books on compact disc 8,224 9,046 
    • DVDs 7,477 8,225 
    • Large Print 5,366 5,903 
    • Young Adult Books & Materials 5,134 5,647 
    • Children’s CD & DVD 4,500 4,950 
    • Microfilm 2,251 2,476 
    • Music on compact disc 2,136 2,350 
    • Subject Building 0 0 
    • Genealogy 534 587 
    • Literacy (for Adults Learning to Read and English as a 2nd language) 427 470 
    • Great Plains (in nonfiction) NA NA
    • Increase books and materials budget at least 10% in 2014 and 10% in 2015.
  5. Evaluate the purchase of customer requested items with the need to build a balanced collection of books, CDs, DVDs and electronic resources.
  6. Purchase high demand items in a timely fashion.
  7. Enhance collection development through analysis of circulation in specific Dewey classifications and by insuring that current material is adequate and updated.

GOAL C. Materials, information services and programs will be conveniently accessible.

  1. The library’s webpage will be redesigned and enhanced to provide an up-to-date and accurate access point for library information. Review composition of webpage monthly, evaluating and implementing new web technologies as they become available.
  2. Review and make changes as needed to the Homebound Program. Promote services and attend meetings at each assisted living and long term care facility at least twice a year.
  3. Assist in meeting special needs, such as adult illiteracy and visual disabilities and providing alternative formats for those with disabilities (eBooks, audiobooks and large print).
  4. Plan and develop digital access to historical photographs, historical documents, local history and Minot Daily News (long term). In cooperation with the State Library digitize historical books and materials unique to Minot.
  5. Provide access to electronic resources and instruction on using these resources.
  6. Provide a minimum of 4 unique programs for adults per year (in addition to Tech Talks or Tech Tutors).
  7. Maintain access to other library databases statewide, national and International (World Cat, ODIN, & INFOLYNX). Cooperate with Libraries Statewide to provide and promote access to materials and electronic resources.


GOAL D. Serve as a children’s door to learning while promoting the enjoyment of reading.

  1. Continue to develop children’s services and programs for preschoolers and homeschoolers.
  2. Continue the summer reading program with the support of local business sponsors (2011-Subway, KXMC, Sundre Sand and Gravel, Johnson Eye Care, Roosevelt Zoo and others) in cooperation with the Community Learning Center—Minot Public Schools and private schools, evaluating the program on an ongoing basis.
  3. Continue to offer programs to day cares by providing information about library programming on a regular basis.
  4. Promote and expand children’s library services and programs through organizations that provide services for children, specifically Head Start and Title I and actively market children’s services through those organizations.
  5. Continue to provide after school programs (ASK,CLC) and the "Book Buddy Program". Evaluate the need for the "Author Program."
  6. Continue to collaborate with the Community Learning Center, providing weekly activities for children participating in this after school program (currently nine elementary schools—BelAir, Edison, Lewis & Clark, Perkett, Roosevelt, Washington, McKinley, Sunnyside and Longfellow). Participate with other Minot Schools that add after school programs in the future.
  7. Enhance the following subject areas to reflect the changing times: technology as it relates to children, geography and science.
  8. Continue to enhance quality high interest fiction for children of all ages.
  9. Continue to purchase materials for the parent-teacher section that include child-rearing, children activities and other teaching aids.
  10. Provide Internet Sources for children (ex. “Literacy Station”) including educational game sites and homework sites. Evaluate the need for internet resources for elementary school children (ex. After School Edge) which will provide added educational sites.
  11. Continue to look for new innovative services to capture children’s imaginations.
  12. Recruit teens to volunteer for ongoing children’s programs.
  13. Continue to weed the children’s collection: 2013 Juvenile Fiction 2014 Nonfiction.
  14. Continue and promote “Guys Read” a program that emphasizes the importance of reading for boys. Partner with the North Central Reading Association and Minot Public Schools Title I to make sure boys are aware of the program.

GOAL E. Collect and create informational resources of interest to teens and provide opportunities for teens to express themselves within an educational and self-enriching environment.

  1. Enhance the YA Collection: Provide high-interest, popular materials in a variety of formats that appeal to teen users and their current information & recreation needs:
    1. Enhance quality high interest fiction & nonfiction materials.
    2. Enhance the audio book collection. 
    3. Build a core collection of recreational materials (such as CDs, DVD’s and music). Consider developing a gaming software collection (long term)
    4. Enhance subscriptions to electronic resources.
  2. Programming: Develop programs and activities which address teen interests and coming of age issues:
    1. Seek teen input on desired programming through the Teen Advisory Group.
    2. Continue programming especially at times when students are not in school (such as summer or holidays). 
    3. Continue developing funding sources for 2014 and beyond to defray the costs of program activities and expenses (Friends of Library & budget).
    4. Continue to provide gaming programs for teens (long range).
  3. Technology: Provide more computers in teen area for gaming and informational needs. 
    1. Develop a Teen Creator Center
  4. Facilities: Enhance the Teen Area in the Library.
    1. Provide additional Internet computers designated for teen use.
    2. Ensure graphics cards can support gaming needs.
    3. Continue to provide software electronic resources to assist teens in completing school assignments. 
    4. Design an enclosed area for teens with a partial glass wall and soundproofing. (long range)
  5. Web Site: Revise the teen web page to provide a gateway to YA resources
    1. Seek teen input on revising the content and look of the web page.
    2. Maintain a teen calendar of events and programming, reading lists and web links.
    3. Maintain a library profile for social networking sites (such as Facebook). 
    4. On an ongoing basis evaluate which social networking technologies (twitter, blogging, texting, etc.) are the best to reach teens and will provide teens the opportunity to voice their opinion on library services, materials and programs.
  6. Marketing: Maintain and implement marketing plan for teen services.
    1. Communicate with teens through email and facebook and other social networking technologies. 
    2. Continue to develop contacts within the school communities (such as school librarians, principals, guidance counselors, English teachers, Honor Society & Key Club advisors) to advertise programming and services.
    3. Continue to develop outreach opportunities at high schools and middle schools in Minot. 
    4. Provide PSA announcements for newspaper, television and radio outlets and list teen events in community web calendars.
    5. Publish articles in The Peddler.
  7. Teen Advisory Group: Maintain a TAG to provide library staff input on planning teen programs and assisting with programming needs as well as giving advice on selecting books, music and electronic resources for teens & tweens.
    1. Have established meeting times and goals.
    2. Provide a safe, fun environment for social interaction.
  8. Volunteers: Create a program for teen volunteers to assist the library in serving the community in areas such as:
    1. Book Buddies.
    2. Teen Advisory Group (TAG)
    3. Teen Programming. 


GOAL F. Make residents and organizations of the Minot community aware of the library’s resources and services.

  1. News releases on each of the following: 1) Electronic Resources, 2) Summer reading program, 3) Homebound Services (by Oct 2013), 4) Genealogy resources (within one year). 5) Teen/Tween Services, 6) Computer Training, 7) Dr. Seuss Birthday Party and 8) Children’s Services.
  2. Promote electronic resources through displays, news releases, social networking and in-house/outreach demonstrations, distribution of in-house bookmarks and contining education programs.
  3. Partner with other organizations to provide programs, e.g.: Chamber of Commerce*, Literacy Volunteers*, Adult Learning Center*, Minot School System, PTAs, Minot Education Association, Minot State University*, Child Care Association, HeadStart, Souris Valley Library Association*, Great Tomato Festival, Ward County Public Library*, Minot Air Force Base Library*, Høstfest, Minot Commission on Aging*, North Central Library Authority*, Senior Connection*, North Central Reading Council*, Community Learning Center*, Ethnic Associations*, Friends of the Library, Genealogy Society*, AARP*, Minot Recreation Department* and the YMCA*

    Adult Services needs to contact organizations marked with a * to work on potential collaboration by January 1, 2015.
  4. Partner with other agencies and businesses by promoting the library’s meeting rooms and services, e.g., business databases, A to Z Databases and Foundation Directory database.
    1. Provide demonstrations of business databases, A to Z Databases and Foundation Directory database to inform business owners and other agencies of the business-related tasks they can complete through these databases. Adult Services needs to develop a plan for WHAT agencies/businesses can be contacted and HOW to provide training (off-site training would be best) by January 1, 2014.
  5. Promote library services and programs by marketing through PSA’s, News Releases, in-house bookmarks, table tents, email and social networking.
    1. Promote electronic resources through displays, news releases, social networking in-house/outreach demonstrations, distribution of in-house bookmarks and continuing education programs.
  6. Maintain the Marketing Plan and develop outside sources of funding (ex. Friends of the Library and other community partners) to assist staff with the implementation of the Marketing Plan using existing staff.
  7. Continue to sponsor show booths (Seniors Fair, Health Fair, Title I, Week of the Young Child, State Fair, Verendrye Annual Meetings and Home & Garden Show) in cooperation with Friends of the Library.
  8. Promote library services through social networking services, e.g., blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


GOAL G. Continue to provide library services through upgraded technology and electronic resources.

  1. Upgrade computers and technology as per attached technology plan.
  2. Maintain inventory of replacement terminals, printers and peripherals.
  3. Anticipate and explore both emerging technologies and new electronic access points for popular materials with a focus on mobile applications and the shifting from print to electronic formats including digital video and music.
  4. Evaluate the need for additional Internet access computers in Adult services and children’s services. Gather use statistics on the use of current Internet Access Computers.
  5. Utilize technology to organize and make accessible all library resources in print, nonprint and electronic formats.
  6. Through Tech Tutors One-on-one computer help program, provide technology training on a variety of topics, geared towards individual patrons needs and interests.
  7. Provide technology programming (Tech-Talks) to increase general knowledge and awareness of current technology trends.
  8. Continue to develop a long-term technology plan for updating and expanding library equipment essential for customer services and staff needs including:
    1. Transfer microfilm images to electronic format, connecting a computer to the existing microfilm scanner/reader/printer and software.
    2. Implement use of debit/credit cards as payment for services.
    3. Utilize cloud computing when to Library advantage.
    4. Explore various social networking technologies to develop reader’s advisory.
    5. Social media optimization, which is using social media as a marketing tool to engage patrons online and drive traffic into the library.
    6. Redesign library website to include dynamic web content, including RSS feeds and Ask-A-Librarian Instant Messaging and increase the overall customer appeal of the page.
      1. Explore ways to use free online media production tools to expand the web page format.
      2. Enhance reference service through use of existing technologies including/but not limited to text messaging, instant messaging and web-based virtual reference service.
    7. Expand e-reader circulation program, increasing number/variety of devices available for checkout and keeping current with latest technologies
    8. Maintain four (4) desk top computers for training purposes.
    9. Implement RFID.
    10. Proivde a self-checkout stations for patron.
    11. Provide laptop with SKYPE capabilities (for military dependents).
    12. Create a Youth/Teen Creator Lab, to include music recording capabilities, video editing software and graphic design software/tools.
    13. Utilize iPade/iPhone devices for roaming reference within the library.
    14. Provide a 3-D printer/printing space for patron use.
    15. Automate acquisitions.
    16. Automate serial check-ins.

GOAL H. Manage library resources and functions effectively to achieve the service goals within given financial limitations.

  1. Maintain education and training funding adjusting for inflation.
  2. Budget $223,239 in 2014 and $244,592 in 2015 (Dec. 2011 dollars – adjusting for inflation—(2% for 2012 and 2% for 2013) plus a 16.2% adjustment for population growth) for collection development, purchase of books, audio-visual, periodicals, software and electronic (currently $205,618 ).

    See attached Materials Budget Goals 2014, 2015.
  3. Enhance the expenditures for computer equipment (see Technology Plan).
  4. Continue to maintain and enhance the North Central Library Authority Integrated Library System (Circulation/Catalog System) giving support to area libraries and librarians and adding libraries as grants are approved.
  5. Form a Citizens Long Range Planning Committee in 2014 to revise the Long Range Plan for the time period 2015-2019.
  6. Acquire funding from sales tax and the library operating budget to complete building and grounds repairs and equipment and carpet replacement. (See Attached schedule). Needs for the near future include motion detection security, repair and protection of precast on 1966 portion of building, landscaping and lawn and replacement of east mezzanine carpet.
  7. Continue to raise funds to increase the principle of the library endowment (Friends of the Minot Public Library) to $250,000 enabling it generates an annual interest and dividend income of $10,000 per year.


GOAL I. Provide a state-of-the-art facility through planning and funding.

  1. Restore the landscaping and lawn around the library building in 2013 ($21,212 Sales Tax).
  2. Repair and protect of precast cap on 1966 portion of building in 2013 ($10,000).
  3. Repair of precast wall on west side of building ($21,424, FEMA)
  4. Replace carpet on east mezzanine in 2013 ($6,000).
  5. Replace irrigation system in 2013 ($6,000 FEMA).
  6. Schedule funding for replacing three (3) furnaces when they stop functioning. The estimated years for replacement are 2014, 2017, 2020 at $17,000, $21,000 and $23,000.
  7. Evaluate and consider purchase of security system for books and materials on west entrance (long-term if needed).
  8. Repair of rock wall located in front of building as needed.
  9. Review and update long-term building and grounds maintenance schedule annually including items such as replacing floor carpeting, roofing, resealing parking lot, anticipated major repairs and motor replacements (see attached).