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Exotic Pet Parade

Posted by MPLadult on September 6, 2017


On September 12th from 4:00-5:00, we're holding our very first Exotic Pet Parade! We’ll be learning about the nitrogen cycle that keeps an aquarium healthy, the proper care and feeding of different types of geckos, and getting to know the cutest of all, sugar gliders! 

The care of these exotic pets is different. Fish don’t bark to tell you the water needs a change and it’s difficult to determine if your gecko is feeling off-color. Sugar gliders eat a lot of things but what’s really healthy for them? In this program, we’ll be presenting how to care for these exotic pets and the costs, time, equipment and effort it take to keep them happy and healthy. Many teens and tweens are considering getting a pet of one kind or another. This program will help them to appreciate all of the responsibilities and joys that come along with pets!

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