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Jurnee's Owls

Posted by MPLadult on August 1, 2018


Our 3D printer has been busy since its unveiling in March.  We’ve printed a lot of items but the ones we’re proudest of are the ones that help our area teens. Below is an interview conducted by Pam Carswell, our Teen Librarian and Jurnee, an area teen who has lost a lot of her sight due to cancer.

Pam: “So Jurnee, how long have you been coming to the library?”

Jurnee:”Since I was in the bucket car seat!”

Pam: “What’s the hardest thing about not being able to see well?”

Jurnee: “Going down stairs because they all blend in.”

Pam: ”You’ve had some owls zipper pulls that we printed on the 3D printer attached to some of your belongings like your backpack and coat for about 4 months now.  What’s the best thing about them?”

Jurnee: “They love me! And they’re my favorite animal” Giggles  “That’s a hard question, Pam.  They help me see where my stuff is and they help me open and close things.”

Pam: ”So I heard that you broke some.  How many did you break?”  

 Jurnee: “All of them!”

Pam: “They must work then.”

Jurnee: “Yeah, they help.”

Pam hands Jurnee an envelope. Jurnee opens it to find 4 purple owls and 4 white owls ready to attach to stuff. 

Pam: ”So Jurnee, if you break an owl, what do you do?’

Jurnee: “Get a hold of you. I can have mom or Teya call or text you!”

Pam: We’re very happy to print them for you.  These owls are made even stronger than your last ones so they should last longer.  What should we put them on?”

Jurnee: “My white cane and my backpack.”  Jurnee gets out these items.

Pam: “What’s easier for you to see?”

Jurnee: “The purple owls on light stuff and the white owls on dark stuff.”  

Pam: “So the contrast helps then?”

Jurnee: “Yeah” Pam and Jurnee attach owls to belongings.

Pam: “When you get home tonight, what else are you going to put your owls on?

Jurnee: “My toothbrush and my jacket. I could find a way to attach it to my iPad too.”

Pam: “I heard you’ve been taking classes at the School for the Blind.”

Jurnee: “Yeah, we do many classes and my favorite is DLS Daily Living Skills and do all kinds of stuff like cooking.  I made vanilla cream pie, ramen noodles, and cookies that crumbled right away cause they were hot.”

Pam: “What would you tell another kid who finds out they can’t see too well?”

Jurnee: “I have it too so it works out and there’s a great place called School for the Blind they can go to for help. They can go there and learn how to deal with it.”

Pam: “You’re such a trip Jurn!  Thanks so much for coming down to talk to me today!”

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