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Prove Your Game 2018

Posted by MPLadult on April 1, 2018

PROVE YOUR GAME? What’s that?  It’s the Makerspace Board Game Creation contest!  Our teens create their own board game using Makerspace digital tools in an interesting new way! It’s a chance to learn new software and develop something teens can take home and use.  Board game creation requires reading, strategic thinking, rule creation, and logistical planning.


Are board games part of STEM?  Yes!  STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Building Board games can use all of these!

But what about ART?  Art makes STEAM!  Board Games absolutely have an artistic element! Board Games are most fun played with friends and they are more fun to create with friends too!

The Game Creation Process:
Pick software program
Design game board
Craft game pieces
Write the rules of play
Play your game with an opponent
Tinker around to make the game fun
 Re-invent play in necessary


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