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Video Games in the library?

Posted by MPLadult on December 17, 2016

 Controller-512.pngHere at Minot Public Library, we have a collection of video games in our Teen section that our patrons can check out, use in their own homes for a week and return. But why do we do it? For many good reasons!

Checking out our games helps teens learn more about being informed consumers.  Our video game collection assists parents in their choices of gift selections. It’s much easier to say yes or no to a game after parents have seen how it is played and allows parents to explore a game before their child does so parents can preview the game for the suitability of their children.  Parents have the opportunity to discover their child’s gaming interests and responses before making expensive purchases which saves families money.   Having a large video collection for checkout also makes for great entertainment for families that can’t afford to buy many games.  Playing video games has been part of American youth culture for over 30 years. Technology is changing every day but we believe that teens and video games are here to stay.  Our game collection here at MPL serves in helping our young people and their families navigate this arena of technology more responsibly and economically. 


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