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Minot Information

North Dakota Information - Arts, History, Universities

North Dakota/Minot History

North Dakota Genealogy & LDS Family History Centers

North Dakota State Historical Society

Ward County Pioneer Village & Museum

North Dakota Universities

Newspapers - National and North Dakota

Parks, Recreation, Travel - National and North Dakota



Career Development



American Fact Finder

Census Bureau

Census Data Center

Historical Statisics of the United States

* Provides a wide range of data related to population, migration, labor, wages, prices, agriculture, and various other key topics about the United States from colonial times through 1970.



Excel Easy- Free lessons on Excel.

How Secure Is My Password- Test to see if you are using strong passwords.

Mouse Tutorial- A resource for beginners on using the mouse.

Tech Boomers - Free online training courses for any website you can think of, including Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, and many, many others as well as lessons on protecting your privacy online and additional safe internet practices. Free typing lessons for beginners.

Date, Time, Calendars








Fold 3 - Military Records

National Archives and Records Administration

North Dakota Death Index

Social Security Death Index Online

Research Tools

Ancestry Library Edition

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Links

Ellis Island

Family Tree Connection

Family Tree Maker

Family Search - LDS Online

Fort Wayne - Allen County Public Library Genealogy Dept

Genealogical Publishing Company Resources

Genealogy Tip of the Day

Immigration History Research Center

Library of Congress - publications, resources, & research tools

Minnesota Genealogy - University of Minnesota Genealogy Dept.

Mouse River Loop Genealogical Society - Minot, ND

My Heritage (14 day free trial) - family trees

National Genealogical Society

New England Historical Genealogical Society

Newspaper Archive

North Dakota Biography Index

One Great Family


State Historical Society of North Dakota

United States GenWeb Project

Germans from Russia

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection


Digital Archives of Norway

Norwegian-American Genealogy - Vesterheim Genealogical Center

Norwegian Historical Data Center - University of Tromso, Norway

Norwegian Genealogy-National Archives and Census

Norwegian Listserv and Genealogy Links

Norwegian Rootsweb

Oluf Rygh - Norwegian Farm Names


Augustana College Swenson Swedish Immigration Center

Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records

Sweden Genealogy

Swedish Census 1890 and Archives

Swedish Genealogy Links

Swedish Institute

Swedish National Archives

United Kingdom

United Kingdom and Ireland Genealogy



Federal Government Links

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Consumer Price Index

Department of Education

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Labor

Department of Labor - Occupational Outlook Handbook

Department of Labor - OSHA Regulations

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Statistics

Federal Tax Forms

Federal Web Locator

Health Finder

Library of Congress


National Park Service

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (full text)

Sallie Mae: Student Loan Marketing Association

United States Census Bureau

United States Environmental Protection Agency

United States SBA: Small Business Administration

United States Postal Service

United States Publishing Office


North Dakota State Government Links

Central North American Trade Corridor Association

International Peace Garden

North Dakota Department of Transporation

North Dakota Legislative Assembly

North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

North Dakota State Home Page

North Dakota State Library


Local Government Links

City of Minot, North Dakota

Minot Air Force Base

Minot Area Chamber of Commerce

Minot Area Development Corporation

Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau




Home Building



Federal Register- Information on current and past laws passed by the United States Congress.

Find a Law Firm- A search engine for law firms.

Legal Dictionary- Provided by

Legal Services of North Dakota- a non-profit organization, providing legal assistance in a variety of matters to low income and elderly North Dakotans.

North Dakota Attorney General- Information about state legal news and procudes, as well as applications for state licenses

North Dakota Legal Research- Get information on court cases in North Dakota.

North Dakota Legislative Branch- View the North Dakota State Constitution and Century Code.

North Dakota Self-Help Legal Center View and download templates for legal forms in North Dakota.

Ward County Forms and Application Portal- Several county related legal forms.





CIA World Factbook

Google Maps

Mapquest Map Search

National Geographic Map Search

USA - Excellent tool for looking at coverage areas of school districts and area codes in each state in addition to statistical information



People Finder

Political News





Stocks & Finance




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