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Please visit our main Digital Resources section that includes access to the Value Line database, one of the most trusted sources for stock and investing information.

Brokerage Sites

Many of these trading sites have apps that allow you to trade on a variety of mobile devices.  Search the names below in your device's app store to find out if the broker you're looking at has one.  The cost of trading varies from site to site.  Invest at your own risk.

Charles Schwab



Interactive Brokers

Options House



TD Ameritrade

Trade King

Important Investing and Finance Info

Commodities Information ( commodities market is one of the foundations of the global trade system. For the serious trader, a knowledge in how to trade commodities is vital: great profits can be made if a trader has an in depth expertise in the issues driving commodity prices, and understands the mechanics of how to trade on it.

Credit ratings (S&P Capital IQ) - Credit ratings show the financial stability and risk in a particular investment.  The better the rating (AAA is the best, D is the worst), the better the quality of the investment is.  To view credit ratings on S&P Capital IQ, sign up on their site for free.

Dividend history (NASDAQ Dividend History) - See how long and how frequent your investment has paid out dividends.

Dividend information ( - Stock dividend yields, payouts, and years in a row of growth.

Dividend lists (Wall Street News Network) - Category lists for dividends such was what stocks paid out in a certain month of the year.

Investing basics (Money Chimp) - Basics of investing and economics.  Includes a glossary of useful terms.

Investing definitions (Investopedia) - Provides definitions on any investing term you can think of.

Investing defintions (Finance Reference)- Provides definitions on over 2300 investing terms, orgainized in a way that increases accesbility for the visual impared. 

Personal Finance (The Simple Dollar) - In addition to information on the basics of investing, this site includes sections on the basics of credit cards, banking, insurance, and a variety of useful articles.

Major News Sites


CBS Money Watch


CNN Money

FOX Business

Google - By typing in a stock's symbol and the word "stock" into the search bar, you'll get basic charts and info.  If using the Google Chrome web browser, typing the stock symbol and "stock" into the address bar (sometimes pressing the space bar and then backspace after "stock" will need to be done too) will bring up the current price quote.


Reuters Finance

Yahoo Finance

Simulated Trading

These types of sites and mobile apps will help you learn how to trade without having to risk actual money.  Great for first-time investors or those wanting to test a new trading strategy.

FinViz - Allows users to create dummy portfolios in addition to offering a wide variety of filters to narrow their investing search and the ability to create wishlists.


Market Watch

Stock Market Simulator - Google Play Store

Stock Wars - Apple App Store

Trade Hero - Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Wall Street Survivor


Seeking Alpha - View user-generated investing and finance articles, get involved in conversations about specific articles and stocks, and create wishlists.


Stock Screeners and Charts

FinViz - Allows users to view stock charts, use a wide variety of filters to narrow their investing search, create wishlists, and create dummy portfolios to test investing strategies.

Stock Charts - Create charts based on a variety of data. 

Stock-Specific Sites

24/7 Wall Street

Investor Place


The Motley Fool

The Street