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Technology Education

eBook/eAudiobook/Database Instructions

eBook/eAudiobook/Database Instructions

Please visit our "Digital Resources" section to see what digital resources the MPL has to offer.

LIBRARY2GO/OVERDRIVE (eBooks and eAudiobooks)

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Android -

iOS - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

iOS (Libby)-

Kindle eReader

Nook with Adobe Digital Editions

Mango Languages (Languages)

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Hoopla (eBooks, Comics, Videos, and eAudiobooks)





Apple TV


Fire TV

Other Hoopla How To's

Selecting Chapters

Shuffling Music





Excel Easy - Free tutorial on learning Microsoft Excel - creates and provides quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life.

Tech Boomers - Free lessons on how to use any of the most popular websites. - Free sessions on learning how to type.

Universal Class - Online classes for technology needs as well as other topics.

Adaptive Gaming

Adaptive Gaming

Thanks to a generous donation from Independence Inc. and the Good Talk Network, MPL is able to offer adaptive gaming for patrons who are unable to use our other gaming equipment.

Patrons wishing to use the adaptive gaming console must make a Tech Tutor appointment to do so.  This ensures we have staff to assist them. Staff may complete the online Tech Tutor form for the patron over the phone or in person if necessary. After the form is complete, the teen Librarian or Teen Library Assistant will contact the patron and set up the appointment. Appointments last one hour, but can be extended at the discretion of the staff member assisting.

To ensure our adaptive gaming patrons enjoy their experience, they will use a meeting room for their gaming. Appointments will therefore be scheduled around staff and meeting room availability.

When the appointment is scheduled, the MPL staff member will offer a choice of games that are suited for adaptive gaming. The gamer can choose 2 for each appointment made. The adaptive gamer will also be asked what challenges he or she faces so that the appropriate gaming controls, buttons and joysticks are ready to use when the Adaptive Gamer arrives.  

Ideally, the gamer will bring along his or her own “Co-Pilot.” The Co-Pilot is an able bodied gamer who is able to use a regular controller to assist the adaptive gamer in game play. As the adaptive gamer gains experience, this Co-Pilot becomes less and less essential. If the adaptive gamer does not have a Co-Pilot available, staff will step in. However, if possible, we want the adaptive gamer to bring their own Co-Pilot; both to help ease staff obligations and to make gaming a social activity for the adaptive gamer.

To Schedule your Adaptive Gaming Appointment, click here.

Tech Tutors

Tech Tutors

One-on-One Computer Help

If you have a Minot Public Library card, you can receive FREE technology assistance at the Minot Public Library. If you do not already have a Minot Public Library card, please see the information on how to get a library card under the "Library Services" tab.

Each of these one-on-one tutoring sessions will be with a library staff member. These free tutoring sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

Topics covered can include:

  • Microsoft Word Basics: Learn about Word 2013 with the focus on creating and editing a document, saving, opening and basic letter writing.
  • Basic Internet & Searching Tips: Learn about internet options, favorites, page setup, printing, history, text size and general searching.
  • Basic E-Mail: Set up a free e-mail account online and learn how to compose and send e-mails, or general help with the ins and outs of email.
  • Computer Basics: Learn the very basics of computer use, including how to use the mouse and how to navigate your desktop.
  • eBooks, eAudiobooks & eVideos: Learn about downloadable electronic media formats using MPL resources.
  • Genealogy Resource Links: Learn about quality genealogy internet sites, including web resources and using Ancestry Plus here at Minot Public Library.


We can also cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Basics
  • Microsoft Publisher Basics
  • MPL Digital Resources (over 60 digital resources for you to use!)

With Tech Tutors, YOU get to choose the topic you want to learn about from those listed above and you'll receive individualized training at your own pace. If you don't see a topic you're interested in, contact us to find out if we can help.

You are encouraged to bring your own device for use during training (laptops, tablets, phones, Nooks, iPads, Kindles, etc.).

To Schedule your Tech Tutors Appointment, click here.