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Tech Tutors

One-on-One Computer Help

If you have a Minot Public Library card, you can receive FREE technology assistance at the Minot Public Library. If you do not already have a Minot Public Library card, please see the information on how to get a library card under the "Library Services" tab.

Each of these one-on-one tutoring sessions will be with a library staff member. These free tutoring sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

Topics covered can include:

  • Microsoft Word Basics: Learn about Word 2013 with the focus on creating and editing a document, saving, opening and basic letter writing.
  • Basic Internet & Searching Tips: Learn about internet options, favorites, page setup, printing, history, text size and general searching.
  • Basic E-Mail: Set up a free e-mail account online and learn how to compose and send e-mails, or general help with the ins and outs of email.
  • Computer Basics: Learn the very basics of computer use, including how to use the mouse and how to navigate your desktop.
  • eBooks, eAudiobooks & eVideos: Learn about downloadable electronic media formats using MPL resources.
  • Genealogy Resource Links: Learn about quality genealogy internet sites, including web resources and using Ancestry Plus and Heritage Quest here at Minot Public Library.


We can also cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Basics
  • Microsoft Publisher Basics
  • MPL Digital Resources (over 60 digital resources for you to use!)

With Tech Tutors, YOU get to choose the topic you want to learn about from those listed above and you'll receive individualized training at your own pace. If you don't see a topic you're interested in, contact us to find out if we can help.

You are encouraged to bring your own device for use during training (laptops, tablets, phones, Nooks, iPads, Kindles, etc.).

To Schedule your Tech Tutors Appointment, click here.