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Minot Public Library
Minot Public Library

Computer Use

Teens and Tweens from age 12 and older may use the computers upstairs with a valid MPL card. Teens 12 and older must use the teen or adult computers upstairs.


 Minot Public Library is proud to accept a generous grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation to establish North Dakota’s first Makerspace!  In our new Makerspace we  have equipment that helps the digital consumer become a digital producer. Our patrons can make their own video games, write and film their own commercials, add special effects to photos and videos, and animate their own drawings! We have computers and tablets for in-library use as well as many tech toys like Cannon Cameras or a GoPro camera kit, Sphero Bolts, MakeyMakey, Raspberry Pi, Expanded Snap Circuit Kits, LittleBits kits, Ozobots and Dot and Dash Robots and 2 LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Robots "Fred" & "George"  a Lego Mindstorm Robot Inventor "Ginny" and Merge Cubes into check-out for our patrons to use at home and bring back!  Thanks to a generous grant from Best Buy, and the Freinds of the Library we also have 2 3D Printers.  What will you make?

The Makerspace Rules:
To use our Makerspace, you need a library card! If you are a teen, you'll need a Teen Computer Permission signed by a parent. If you want to check out Makerpace items, you'll also need a Teen Makerspace Check-out Permission signed by a parent.

Respect the equipment, the staff,

yourself and others!

Some content is inappropriate for the Makerspace community. 
You may not use the Makerspace services in any way, that:

*Promotes bigotry, discrimination, hatred, or violence against any individual or group;

*Threatens or intimidates any other person;

*Contains foul language or personal attacks;

*Contains sexually explicit or graphically violent material;

*Provides instructions on how to commit illegal activities or obtain illegal products;

*Asks any other user for personally identifying information, contact information, or passwords;

*Exposes any other person's personal identifying information, contact information, or passwords;

*Is unlawful, including harassment, stalking, or defamation of any other person.


Terms of Use: Check-out Makerspace Items

·          You must be 18 years old or have a signed Makerspace Checkout Permission slip to check out Makerspace items.  Patrons 11 and under must have parent or guardian check out items for them.

·         Your library card must be 90 days old and be in good standing, current address on file and no fines more than $5.00

·         Returned Makerspace Packages will include all components associated with an item, including (but not limited to): the item, cable(s), manual, and accessories.  Losses and damages will be charged the replacement costs, as determined by the supplier. The user bears responsibility to use the items properly and to pay for any expended consumables or missing or broken parts.

·         All associated items must be placed in the package in the same manner in which it was borrowed and not combined with items from similar packages or patron’s own items.

·         Makerspace items accrue $0.50 fines per day up to $15 when late.

·         SD cards and other memory devices will be erased at check-in. The user must make all personal use copies before check-in!

·         Packages must be returned to the front desk. No book drop use allowed with Makerspace items.

·         Parents and Guardians are responsible for what their children and teens check out and those items’ usage.

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