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Minot Public Library
Minot Public Library

Teen Events

 Our Fun and Free Teen Events are designed for teens and tweens 11-18

In March, we started offering Teen programs in person once again! 

Take & Makes

Take & Make Crafts can be picked up anytime on the day they are scheduled. Supplies are limited so kits must be reserved ahead.  Call 852-1045 to reserve yours!

Escape Room  

Our Escape room will be offered June 7th through the 10th from 4:00-8:00. It's fun and free! You may have a group of 5 ! Sign up is MANDATORY! Call 852-1045 to sign up!

The premise: You are a Hogwarts student in your Third Year. You have a covert Niffler named Pumpernickel!  He has escaped and wrought havoc upon Mr. Flich’s office!  You and your group of friends enter the office to grab Pumpernickel only to realize you’re locked in! You have 30 minutes to escape or you’ll be in detention forever!


1st Summer Reading Program Kick-Off 2:00-3:30

3rd 3D Build 2 Color Pond Life 3:00-4:00

7th - 10th Escape Room 4:00-8:00 Signup Required

15th Life Size One Night Werewolf 2:00-4:00

17th Succulent Craft 3:00-4:00

22nd Watercolor Posters 3:00-4:00
(Also Available as a Take & Make! Register for kit.)

24th Tie Dye Towels & Bags 3:00-4:00

29th Beaded Lizards Craft 3:00-4:00


1st 3D Build 2 Color Pets 3:00-4:00

6th Board Game Party 2:00-4:00

8th Birdhouse Creations &  TAG meeting 2:00-4:00
(Also Available as a Take and Make! Register for kit.)

13th Life Size Animalogic 2:00-4:00

15th Pet Parade 2:00-4:00

20th Critter Piñatas (Day 1 of 2) 2:00-4:00

22nd Critter Piñatas (Day 2 of 2) 2:00-4:00

27th Merge Cube Intro 3:00-4:00

29th Critter Perler Bead Projects 3:00-4:00


3rd Solar Light Craft 2:00-4:00

5th Reading Logs Due

5th End of Summer Reading Program Party TBA


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