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Minot Public Library
Minot Public Library

Teen Events

August 10th Teen Reading Challenge Cards DUE by 6:00 PM

August 11th Teens Rock Saturday 1-4

September 1st Anime Afternoon 1:00-4:00

September 8th Teens Rock Saturday 1:00-4:00

September 13th DIY Clay magnets 4:00-5:00

September 20th After School Gaming 3:30-5:30

September 25th 3D Build: Slingshots 4:00-5:00

September 27th Exotic Pet Parade 4:00-5:00

October 6th Anime Afternoon 1:00-4:00

October 9th 3D Build: Glow in the Dark 4:00-5:00

October 11th Dungeons and Dragons Intro 4:00-5:00

October 13th Teens Rock Saturday 1:00-4:00

October 18th Life Sized Cranium Game and Ice cream 2:00-4:00

October 19th Teen Movie: Murder on the Orient Express 2:00-4:00

October 25th  After School Gaming 3:30-5:30

October 30th Green Screen Pictures and Posters 4:00-5:00

November 1st Tie Dye Lunch Sacks and TAG (Teen Advisory Group) 4:00-5:00

November 3rd Anime Afternoon 1:00-4:00

November 6th 3D Build: Holders/Shelves 4:00-5:00

November 8th After School Gaming 3:30-5:30

November 10th Teens Rock Saturday 1:00-4:00

November 12th Teen Movie: Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them 2:00-4:00

November 15th DIY Candles 4:00-5:00

November 29th Board Game party 4:00-5:00

December 1st Anime Afternoon 1:00-4:00

December 5th Teen Movie: Spiderman Homecoming 4:00-5:00

December 6th DIY Glass Etching 4:00-5:00

December 8th Teens Rock Saturday 1:00-4:00

December 13th Christmas Cookie Party and TAG (Teen Advisory Group)  4:00-500


Events in green are held in the Makerspace on the second floor. 

All other events are held in the North Community Room.

Minot Public Library