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Minot Public Library
Minot Public Library


Teen Events 

March 3rd Anime Afternoon 1-4
March 8th Life size Clue and mystery treat. 2-4
March 9th Teen Movie: So B. it 2-4
March 10th Teens Rock Saturday 1-4
March 13th 3D Printer intro 4-5
March 15th Afterschool Gaming 3:30-5:30
March 20th Wonder and Sundaes 2-4
March 27th Prove Your Board Game Creation 4-5
April 2nd Teen Gaming Tournament:  2-4
April 3rd Prove Your Board Game Creation 4-5
April 7th Anime Afternoon 1-4
April 10th Prove your Game Board Game contest 4-5
April 14th Teens Rock Saturday 1-4
April 17th 3D Keychain fob construction 4-5
April 24th DIY Light Switch Plates 4-5
May 1st 3D Vase creation 4-5
May 5th Anime Afternoons 1-4
May 8th Afterschool Gaming 3:30-5:30
May 12th Teens Rock Saturday 1-4  
Minot Public Library