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Tails and Tales: Teen Summer Reading


Minot Public Library has gone digital for our Summer Reading Program! Through our software, Beanstack, TEENS and their families can sign up, log reading, write book reviews, and earn both a half way prize and a $10 gift card to a local bookstore for their efforts over the summer months. Visit to sign up today. You can even download the Beanstack app for your phone or tablet!  While Beanstack will be tracking your reading, don’t forget the library will be preparing lots of programs. They are fun and free for youth 11-18!

If you do not have access to the Beanstack app or a computer,

there will still be paper logs available for teens. Just ask!

Seahorse_TT.pngTails and Tales Writing Contest

The writing contest will also be held this summer. We are looking forward to lots of sensational stories packed with furry, feathered or scalely friends from our teens.

Here's our official rules:

 The short stories must be between 1000-1500 words.

 Make it look professional : Use Microsoft Word and double space your story.

 Use Times New Roman or Calibri font in 12 point font size and use 1 inch margins.

 In the upper left corner, please use a header with your last name, title and page number.

 Use a title page with your name, telephone number and address. 

 Your story must have a beginning, middle and end.

  Teen writers are invited to submit their short story entries to or turn it in the front desk by August 2nd 2021.

 There is a $25 gift card for 1st place, $20 gift card for 2nd place and $15 gift card for 3rd place.  We hope for lots of exciting animal themed entries from our teen writers!

 Call Minot Public Library at 852-1045 for questions.

Visit to sign up today! Download the Beanstack app! Or call the Minot Public Library at 852-1045 for questions.



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