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Build A Better World                               Teen Summer Reading 2017


Teen Reading Challenge

Teens and Tweens 11 to 18 are invited to undertake the Teen Reading Challenge! At registration, teens sign a contract and receive their reading log.  This year, teens will receive a challenge card with 25 tasks. The teen picks 10 tasks of their choice to complete the challenge.  Any book, magazine, newspaper, manga, graphic novel or other material appropriate to reading levels will be accepted.  Listening to audiobooks will be counted for as many pages as the print book. Upon completion of their challenge, a parent or guardian must sign the log. Registration starts June 3rd and all challenge logs must be received by August 11th at 6:00pm.  All teens who return completed logs on time will receive a $10 gift card to a local bookstore for all their hard work!

Build a Better World Writing Contest

Teens and Tweens are chellenged to enter! We want to read short stories that  BUILD!  Some ideas include but not limited to: taking action on a cause, relationships, improvements or changes.  The short stories must be between 1,000-1,500 words. Make it look polished: Use Microsoft Word, double space your story, use Times New Roman font or Courier in 12 point font size and use 1 inch margins. In the upper left corner, please use a header with your last name, title and page number. Use a title page with your name, telephone number and address.   Your story must have a beginning, middle and end. Teen writers are invited to submit their short story entries to or turn it in the front desk by August 4th. There is a $25 gift card for 1st place, $20 gift card for 2nd place and $15 gift card for 3rd place. 

Build a Better World Activities

For a full list of of our fun and free activites, click here.  Please call 852-1045 with any questions.

We offer Manga Manics, a free Manga Club for teens here at MPL.  Join us for the appreciation of all things Manga: writing, drawing, critiquing, cosplaying and gaming!  Manga Club will be held in conjunction with video gaming on the Second Saturday of the month and henceforth shall be called: Teens Rock Saturdays. We have a PS4, a WiiU, 2 Xbox360 and we always have a ton of fun. We play E and T games only.  Manga Maniacs’ Power Hour will be held June 28th and July 26th from 3-4 in the Makerspace to collaborate further on our Manga collection.

We’ll be holding Build and Play MiniGolf on Friday, June 22nd where our teens may come at 6 pm and have 45 minutes to build their own hole with provided supplies.  At 7 pm anyone may join us to play mini golf!  There will be prizes awarded to the builders of our golfers’ favorite holes. We will end play at 8:30 and players and builders will tear down the course.  Join us for an evening of building, recreation, popcorn, music, and good times!

Our teens are stoked: Roosevelt Park Zoo Field Trip June 22nd from 2-4!   Meet Pam and Kassie outside the Zoo entrance at 2pm sharp! We’ve got an entertaining scavenger hunt planned and the Go Pro Cameras charged to take pictures and videos of our favorite critters in action!  Teens will be dismissed from the zoo at 4:00.  To sign up for this fun filled field trip, please email Pam at, call 852-1045 or sign up at the front desk!

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