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Minot Public Library
Minot Public Library

Build A Better World                               Teen Summer Reading 2017


Teen Reading Challenge

Teens and Tweens 11 to 18 were invited to undertake the Teen Reading Challenge! This year teens received a bingo style card and chose 10 tasks to complete the Challenge.  120 teens signed up! 50 completed the full challenge and got $10 gift cards to local bookstores.  20 teens received halfway prizes.  Over a dozen local schools were represented in our challenge! 

Build a Better World Writing Contest

Teens and Tweens were challenged to enter! Six brave teens undertook this task!  We enjoyed all of the stories.  Our teens have talent and creativity when putting pen to paper.  Our winners are:

1st place: Irin Romich with "The Hidden Town"

2nd place: Grace Barry with "Space Trash"

3rd place: Madison Lyman with "Renewal"

Music will be the theme of Summer Reading 2018.  More to be announced in late May!


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