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Minot Public Library
Minot Public Library

Vacation Days

When MPS is out or has an early dismissal,
count on us for some fun!

May 8th Life Size Clue 2:00-4:00

May 30th 2:00 pm  Kickoff @ the Aud

June 1st Manga Maniacs and a Show! 1:00-4:00

June 4th DIY Planet Jewelry 3:00-4:00

June 6th Larger than Life Space Mafia game 2:00-4:00

June 8th Gamers Saturday 1:00-4:00

June 11th Cosmic Photo booth 3:00-4:00

June 13th Teen Movie: Bumblebee 2:00-4:00

June 14th-15th Teen Lockin #1 6:00pm-9:00am

June 18th Pour Painting & Perelers  2:00-4:00

June 20th Board Game Party 2:00-4:00

June 25th Galactic 3D Magnets 3:00-4:00

June 27th Teen Movie: Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse 2:00-4:00

June 28th-29th Teen Lockin #2 6:00 pm -9:00am

July 2nd Celestial Bath Bombs 3:00-4:00

July 6th Manga Maniacs and a Show! 1:00-4:00

July 9th DIY 3D Spaceships 3:00-4:00

July 11th Terraform Terrariums 2:00-4:00

July 13th Gamers Saturday 1:00-4:00

July 16th TAG and Nebula Bags 3:00-4:00

July 18th Gravity and Galaxy Bottles 2:00-4:00

July 23rd Teen Movie: Captain Marvel 2:00-4:00

July 25th Teen Movie: Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald 2:00-4:00

July 30th Board Game Party 2:00-4:00

August 1st Teen Movie Shazam 2:00-4:00

August 3rd Manga Maniacs and a Show! 1:00-4:00

August 6th TAG and Constellations 2:00-4:00

August 8th Wrap party 10:00-12:00

August 10th Gamer’s Saturday 1:00-4:00

Minot Public Library