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Services Provided
<br l><br l>All 12 disability categories based on Federal law<br l>Audiological Services <br l>School Psychological Services <br l><br l>Related Services: <br l>Social Work Services<br l>Occupational and Physical Therapy <br l>Augmentative Communication <
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Director: Dr. Alison Dollar 701-857-4407

Mission Statement
<br l><br l>The mission of the Souris Valley Special Services Unit is assist and train special education programs with the unit - and in some circumstances to provide effective teaching to students with unique learning needs.
based on Federal law
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Area Served
<br l>Garrison, <br l>Glenburn, <br l>Kenmare, <br l>Lewis & Clark, <br l>Max, <br l>Nedrose, <br l>New Town, <br l>Parshall, <br l>Sawyer <br l>South Prairie<br l>Surrey<br l>Turtle Lake Mercer<br l>Underwood<br l>United<br l>Velva<br l> White Shield<br
Contact Information
Dr. Alison Dollar, Director
Street Address
1370 20th Ave SW Minot, ND 58701
Mailing Address
1370 20th Ave SW Minot, ND 58701