Get Ready For Kickoff!

One of the biggest events for the Minot Public Library each year is the Summer Reading Programs that we host each year. Each summer we promote library resources and the needs that they fill in our community. This year’s theme is Oceans of Possibilities. During this time we invent all patrons to come into the […]

It’s Adventure Time!

Adventure Packs have come to the Minot Public Library. What are Adventure Packs? Well, Adventure Packs are backpacks that contain gear for some fun activity. There is an Adventure Pack for hobbies like Hiking, Star Gazing, Bird Watching, Whittling, and Rock Collecting. Now you can dip your feet into some fun hobbies without having to […]

There’s More to Library Technology Than Printers

Patrons of the Minot Public Library love to come to the library to use our printers. They are very convenient and very affordable. But, did you know that there are more things than you can do with our technology than just print things out? Well, there are. Another popular service is scanning. Patrons also love […]

Spring Is Here: Are You Going to A State Park?

Spring has finally come to the patrons of the Minot Public Library! After a long winter of snow and blizzards, the patrons of the MInot Public LIbrary can now go out and hear the birds singing and flowers blooming. Some great places to do this in our communities are our State Parks. If you wanted […]