Genealogy & Microfilm

The Minot Public Library offers a variety of genealogy and research services, including access to the Library Edition of Ancestry (to be used within the Library only). The library also is hosting the Minot Daily News Archive which can be accessed anywhere.  MPL also has hundreds of valuable print resources on topics from beginning your genealogy research, to specific cemetery and passenger lists. In addition to these, our library has the following local newspapers on microfilm. MPL patrons are welcome to come into the Library and conduct their own research. However, Library staff can also provide research services for all individuals, for the following fees:

Research with a specific date

Research without a specific date

Additional hours searching




Microfilm research request can submitted by calling the library at
701-852-1045 or by filling out the online form here


Information & Referral

Information & Referral is a 2-way communication between people and services in the area. The I & R system helps people cut through the maze of public and private services and gain access to local agencies, programs, clubs, and organizations available to the Minot community. The basic function of the I & R Center is to help people find the answers or solutions to their questions or problems. Looking for information on local food banks and shelters? Or perhaps you’d like a list of disability services and organizations in town. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the Information & Referral Center can help connect you with the resources available to you. For I & R questions please contact our Information and Referral Specialist at 701-852-0333.


References Services

No question is too silly or too small for our librarians! Over the years our reference staff have been asked a wide variety of questions, and we always do our best to find you the answer. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the best or most frequent questions we’ve been asked:

How long should you cook a potato in the oven?

How do you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

Can you tell me the cost of living in Amsterdam?

Where can I go to get a document notarized?

How do I find scholarly articles on the zombie apocalypse?

Have a question? Choose Ask-a-Librarian, our e-mail reference service, and receive a reply within two business days.
If you would like an answer, be sure to include a way for us to contact you. You may also call us at (701) 852-1045.