Adventure Time!

*New* Adventure Packs are available! We’ve just added Leather Working and Geocaching to the line up! New to Adventure Packs? Awesome! Adventure Packs are backpacks that contain gear for a fun activity or hobby allowing you to dip your feet into something new without having to make a large time or money investment. Ages 18+ can check out the packs for 3 weeks. **Under 18 must have a Makerspace parent permission slip on file**

Along with the Leather Working and Geocaching we also have packs for Hiking, Star Gazing, Bird Watching, Whittling, and Rock Collecting! With these Adventure Packs you get things like walking sticks, telescopes, binoculars, books, rock tumbling kits, and tools for whittling or leather work.

So, if you’re looking to try out a new hobby, come to the library and checkout an Adventure Pack!

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