Digital Experience

MPL is bringing you a whole new experience, the Digital Experience. Some items that you may have previously known as “Makerspace” items are now part of the Digital Experience. As we expand our collections, we want to ensure our focus remains clear. We’ve got Hotspots and Chromebooks, Blu-Ray Players and projectors. And, we’re excited to announce the newest additions….video game consoles!!!

We have added 4 Nintendo Switches, 1 PlayStation 5 & 1 Xbox X series to our collection. Each of these will come with 1 controller or joy con set. A docking station for the Nintendo Switch as well as extra controllers for each of the consoles are available as a separate check out. Adults 18+ can check out 1 console for 2 weeks.

All consoles will be subjected to overdue fines of $10/day.

For more information or to reserve items, call us at 701-852-1045!

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