Digital Resource Spotlight: MPL Minot Daily News Archives

The MPL Minot Daily News Archive launched earlier in the year 2022 and people everywhere were finally able to view archives of past Minot Daily News articles! It was a great resource to share with family historians as well as other historians. Now, we can finally announce that the MPL Minot Daily News Archives have been updated! We now have the complete collection of newspapers up until 1961!

If you are a local historian or fan of genealogy in the area, or you know one, now is a good time to tell them to check out this cool resource. It is available to everyone, all they need to do is to click this link.

If you are new to using a newspaper database like this, we do have a video for you. This video will help you learn how to use the resource. The library is very excited to share this resource with the community and hope that it will help everyone with their genealogy research.

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