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Galleries, Music, Arts:
Artmain: 13 S. Main St. Minot 838-4747
Taube Museum of Art: 2 Main St. N, 838-4445
Minot Public Library, 516 2nd Ave SW, 852-1045
NW Art Center, 500 University Ave W 858-3264
62 Doors Gallery & Studios, 11B S Main Street 701-240-6216 Temporarily closed
Arts in the Schools, 852-2787
Arts in the Parks, 852-2787
Arts Support, 852-2787
Brass Band, 838-2691
City Band, Minot, 838-0122
Dakota Rose -838-3548
(Karen) GreenMan-852-1655
Kari Files The Five of Us, 701-858-3185
Minot, ND Frozen Fingers Music Association of Minot, Minot, ND-240-1581 (Karen)
Heritage Singers, 720-2538
Minot Area Council of the Arts, Minot, ND-852-2787
Minot Chamber Chorale, 839-4622
International Artist Series of Minot, 838-1113
Minot Community Concert Band, 838-8472
Minot Symphony Association and Orchestra, 858-4228
Minot Piano Teachers, Minot, ND 839-0930
Northern Lights String Quartet-722 3961
Sisters by Choice and Friends, Minot, ND-839-4336
Voices of Note, 720-1046
Western Plains Opera, 858-3185

Mouse River Players:. 838-3939
MSU Summer Theatre 858-3228
MSU Campus Players Productions 858-3878
Magic City Playmakers 857-4518

The Big One Arts and Crafts Fair–Stacy and Lisa Frank 852-6547 or 837-6059

Craft Supplies:
Artmain, 13 S Main St, 838-4747
Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Crafts-852-5912
Wal-Mart, 3900 S Broadway-838-2176
Hobby Lobby-839-7550

Anyone desiring to purchase a handmade treasure, Minot has many arts and crafts fairs throughout the year. Most are well-advertised, especially at fabric stores in the city and in the newspaper.

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