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Members participate in living history encampments throughout the Upper Mid West, and promote the frontier military history of ND throughout the state. Men portray soldiers and dress in wool uniforms of the period. Woman and children are included as officers, wives, laundresses and camp followers. The unit has several period horse-drawn vehicles they have restored and use in their portrayals, including an Army ambulance, freight and escort wagons, and a carriage for their restored, fireable 1862 Napoleon cannon. Members are responsible for obtaining and maintaining their own uniforms, clothing, horse equipment an accouterments. Horses are not required for all troopers (some are teamsters and some are on the cannon crew), but it is definitely an asset to either own or have access to a horse. Women who portray officer’s wives ride sidesaddle when on horseback. The organization is also a part of a national umbrella group, “Frontier Army of the Dakota,” which includes Indian Wars Period (1865-1885) reenacting groups (infantry, cavalry, scouts, artillery) throughout the U.S. and Canada. Members receive a quarterly newsletter containing historical articles, updates of events, sources for equipment, etc.

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Minot area
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for more information contact 701-728-6740
Cheryl Stein, Secretary
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2900 139th St NE Surrey, ND 58785
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2900 139th St NE Surrey, ND 58785