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Services Provided: We are a group of volunteers who are professionals in the fields of nutrition and physical activity. We promote a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of physical activity. A wide variety of programs for people of all ages is available. Our service area is Minot and the outlying community. Team Wellness works to better the health of the community by promoting exercise and good nutrition. It’s a team of people, not just one organization. Team Wellness has started several projects: Team Wellness has a variety of projects which include Walk Minot” Winter Walk Minot, and square foot gardening. The group maintains a presence at other events, getting the message out about physical activity and healthy eating.

$25.00 per year
Anyone is welcome to join this group
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for information contact 1st District Health District
Street Address
801 11th Ave SW Minot, ND 58702
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PO Box 1268 Minot, ND 58702