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The office is set up under federal law to track down parents who have deserted their families and to extract from them justifiable payment toward child support. The office will interview the claimants, investigate the case, evaluate the situation and prepare court papers. Absent parents can be located in other states by a reciprocal agreement with the other state, which has already been granted. Applicants should bring all papers pertaining to the absent parents. Call for an appointment and you can be seen in two weeks. All families whose children need the financial support of an absent parent qualify to use the services. This includes but is not limited to families receiving A.F.D.C. payments. Application can be made by calling for an appointment. All information supplied is treated confidentially.

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Region II
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Jamie Goulet-Administrator
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PO Box 7190 1600 E Century Ave Suite 7 Bismarck, ND 58507-7190