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Services Provided:
Emergency Shelter: From one night to two months, our Emergency Shelter program provides a safe, clean environment for homeless individuals and families. The goal of our Emergency Shelter program is to be a rapid-rehousing model, with most stays being 30-60 days. While in the program, an experienced case manager and our support staff help guide the client through the process of developing a comprehensive, reality-based plan for ensuring a secure future in stable housing.

Dakota Diaper Pantry: The Dakota Diaper Pantry, a Project BEE program, works to eliminate diaper need in Western North Dakota. By bridging the gap for families, we promote dignity and help to empower them to pursue their ambitions. Diapers make a bigger difference than most people imagine. Without diapers, kids can’t go to daycare. Without daycare, parents can’t go to work or attend school. When parents can’t provide adequate diaper supplies, diapers don’t get changed as often as they should. This leads to health concerns like diaper rash and infection. A sufficient supply of diapers promotes physical and mental well-being for both children and their guardians.

Career Closet/Basic Needs Pantry: It can be difficult to procure and retain employment without an appropriate wardrobe. The Career Closet offers a selection of career clothing, shoes and accessories for employable women and men who don’t have the financial means to purchase these items for themselves. The Basic Needs Pantry is a resource for personal care items like deodorant, soap, toothpaste, razors and hair care items for those in need. Basic household items are also available for individuals and families in need.

Fresh Start Shower Program: Anyone who considers themselves homeless is welcome to use our shower facilities free of charge by appointment. Our individual shower appointments offer 15 minutes of total privacy with all necessary hygiene supplies – soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels, deodorant, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste. We understand that a hot shower offers more than basic hygiene to those experiencing homelessness; it restores a sense of dignity. A lack of access to hygiene is often a barrier for securing opportunities that could free individuals from the cycle of homelessness. A simple shower and shave can eliminate that barrier.

Rental Assistance: The purpose of this program is to help prevent homelessness. The program provides emergency assistance to an individual or family facing eviction or transitioning from our Emergency Shelter program into permanent housing. The rental assistance is a one-time payment made directly to the landlord for people who cannot pay their rent due to a personal emergency or a situation beyond their control.

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Donations: We always gladly accept monetary donations to help the sustainability of our facility to continue to change lives. In-Kind donations are restricted to weekly wishlist items, due to lack of space. Volunteers are welcome to view postings on and apply

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Providing equity and anti-poverty services to rural communities in North Dakota.

Emergency Shelter: Single women or families. All other programs are open to anyone
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Western North Dakota
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Monday - Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Liz Larsen - Executive Director
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