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Services Provided
* Gardeners are expected to care for their own garden plots, keeping weeds under control and cleaning all residue off plots in the fall. Produce is for gardener's own use. Water is available and paid for with rental fee. If all gardens are rented, names o
Mission Statement
* Goal is to provide garden space for those wanting to have a garden.
Garden plots are available for a fee each year. There is a onetime deposit (which is returned if you have your plot cleaned and are in good standing with the board) and a yearly rental fee. Gardeners are able to rent two plots per year and if requested an
Anyone is welcome to join this group depending on availability of space. Call Deb Sisco at 701-240-3624 or use the contact form to get information on renting a garden spot. Upon request, an application will be emailed to prospective gardeners.
Contact Mike Ruelle or Deb S.
Contact Information
Office Hours
Annual meetings in Apr and Oct at the Parker.
Mike Ruelle - 340-2915 or Deb S @ 701-240-3624
Street Address
PO Box 323 Minot, ND 58702
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PO Box 323 Minot, ND 58702