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Adoption, Pregnancy Counseling, Financial, Couples, Individual and Family Counseling, Intensive in-Home, and Family Centered Engagement.

FAMILY SERVICE: The Village offers confidential counseling services to individuals of all ages, couples, families, children and adolescents. Couples, Individual and Family Counseling. Their experienced licensed and professional counselors have extensive training and will empower you to find solutions when you are concerned about relationship issues, depression, anxiety, abuse, parenting, trauma, and child Abuse.

PREGNANCY COUNSELING: Village provides free pregnancy counseling in ND.

ADOPTION: The Village’s infant adoption counselors specialize in placing healthy infants from birth to four years of age. They also partner with foreign adoption agencies in assisting couples through the process of adopting a child from a foreign country. The Village provides infant adoption services in ND. Descriptive programs plus videos are available concerning an unplanned pregnancy, releasing a baby for adoption, and the openness of adoption today.

FAMILY BASED SERVICE: offers intensive in-home family therapy, counseling and support services to families with youth at risk for out of home placement and to reunify families where placement has already occurred. Village therapists involve families as partners in their therapy and focus on family strengths, empowering families to help themselves. Referrals may come from local county social services, schools, self, or other agencies serving children. Counseling and other services occur almost entirely within the family home.

FAMILY CENTERED ENGAGEMENT: Focuses on the strengths of the families, and is a problem solving process that provides families with the opportunity to make important decisions about the child in the family. Following a referral to the program from social services or juvenile court, the Village facilitator brings together the child, parents, extended family, caregivers, and service providers in order to resolve a child’s safety and well-being issues.

DEBT: Counselors at the Village Financial Resource Center will help you put together a plan to pay off your debt and make positive financial decisions. Your financial counselor will take you through an in-depth financial analysis, examining your income, expenses, assets and debt – and then will help you develop a financial action plan specifically suited to your situation. Whether you are deep in debt, or just want to plan for the future, the Village has tools you need to successfully exe cute your financial action plan. Services are provided on line and by phone. Financial Counseling Programs assist people with money management, consolidating bills, lowering interest rates and becoming debt free.

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The Village Family Service Center is accredited by the Counsel on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children and is a member of the Child Welfare League of America, the National Foundation for Consumer Credit, Inc., and the Employee Assistance Professional Association, Inc.

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Mallary Schaefer, LMFT
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