Library Policies

Library Policies

Accessibility Policy

The Minot Public Library strives to ensure that everyone is welcome and has access to the full range of information, services and programs that are offered in the Library and makes it a priority to select and acquire, whenever possible, resources that are accessible to all.

MPL is committed to providing equal access for everyone within the scope of its mission as a public library. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Library will offer appropriate, confidential accommodations to enable patrons with disabilities to access library resources. To view MPL’s full Accessibility Policy, please view the document below.

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Behavior Policy

The Library staff has the responsibility to protect the safety of all Library patrons and to maintain order of the Library. From time to time, the staff may have to deal with patrons who violate the rights of others or who create disorder in the Library. To view MPL’s full policy on disruptive behavior, unattended children, and vulnerable adults, please view the document below.

Library Policies

Collection Management

MPL’s Collection Management policy serves as a guide for the Library staff in developing the collections of both print and non-print materials, as well as electronic resources. It provides the procedures for public objection to materials and also provides guidance on withdrawing items and other suggestions for collection development. To view MPL’s full Collection Management Policy, please view the document below. 

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The Library Board of Trustees recognizes its responsibility to protect the privacy of each Library patron concerning personal records relating to use of Library materials. To view MPL’s full Confidentiality Policy, please view the document below.

Library Policies

Exhibits and Displays

The Minot Public Library wants to provide as many attractive, educational and cultural exhibits as possible to inspire everyone who enters the building. Use of the lobby exhibit space by artisans and collectors of all kinds is welcomed. If you are an artist or organization looking to display art work at MPL, please contact the Information and Referral Specialist at (701) 852-0333.

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MPL’s Makerspace aims to turn consumers into creators and includes technology, tools, and other components to help make this happen. The MPL Makerspace allows library cardholders to check out technology and other gadgets which will assist users in turning an idea into a complete project. The goal is to work together to learn, collaborate, and share. To view MPL’s full Makerspace Policy, please view the document below. 

Library Policies

Meeting Room

A variety of Library meeting rooms and study rooms are available to the community for many different uses. To reserve a room or find out more information please call (701) 852-0333.

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Overdue Policy

It is the responsibility of the Library patron to return Library materials borrowed (any item circulated from the Library) on or before the date the materials are due. To view MPL’s full Overdue Policy, including daily fine rates, please view the document below. 

Library Policies

Internet Policy

Minot Public Library has no control over the information accessed through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. The internet is a global network with a highly diverse user population and Library patrons use it at their own risk. All internet resources accessible through the Library are provided equally to all Library users. To view MPL’s full Internet Policy, please view the document below. 

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Request for Reconsideration

MPL recognizes the importance of providing a method whereby opinions from the public regarding materials selection can be voiced. To formally challenge an item in the MPL collection, please complete the form below and return it to Library staff.