Mobile Hotspots

Mobile WiFi Hotspots are great for internet access on the go and we are proud to have them in our collection and to be able to provide this service. To better serve our community, we have implemented some updates to our Mobile WiFi Hotspots policy. There have been a lot of issues with getting the hotspots back and they are often times well overdue. These have become very popular items and we want to ensure fair access to everyone. Therefore, as of 2/20/2024, hotspots check out for two (2) weeks and fines of $10/day will be enforced for overdue hotspots. You will be able to renew them up to one (1) time, as long as no other patrons are on reserve for them. The fines will be retroactive as of 1/1/2024.

With the shorter check out time and the fines, be sure to plan accordingly! We thank you for your cooperation as we strive to make our resources more accessible to all. For any questions, please call us at 701-852-1045.

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