National Library Card Signup Month Is Coming!

September is National Library Card Signup Month! Do you have a library card? Do members of your family have a library card? Do your friends have a library card? Now is a good time to apply for one.

With a library card from the Minot Public Library you can do a great number of cool things. Of course you can checkout books, but you can also checkout ebooks and e-audio titles on your tablets and smart phones. You can also checkout things like state park passes, board games, video games, dvds, tablets that help children learn, tools, Wi-Fi hotspots, and many other cool things.

So, if you haven’t told your loved ones to sign up for a library card yet, now is a good time. All someone needs to do is come to the library with their photo I.D. (and verification of address if their photo I.D. is not up to date). Its a great time to sign up for a library card and start using your library.

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