Tumbled Rock Jewelry

Join us as we use tumbled rocks from the rock tumbler to make some fun jewelry!

Air Fryer Fun

Join us as we learn to use these modern conveniences and make some tasty snacks!


Join us for a lively time of fun and prizes!

After School Gaming

Join us for some fun as we enjoy some gaming. We have two Nintendo Switches, an XboxOne, a Playstation 4, and a WiiU. We play E and T rated games only.

Board Game Party

Join us for your favorite board game and bring your friends! Catan, Apples to Apples, Exploding Kittens, One Night Werewolf, and Unstable Unicorns are on hand and ready to play.

Clay Painting

Join us as we paint our designs that we created on Tuesday! Didn’t join us then? No problem, we have some for you!

Clay Sculpting

Join us as we create beautiful designs using a clay and a variety of techniques.

Perler Bead Party

Join us as we create beautiful designs using a variety of perler beads!

3D Build: Tube Tools

Join us as we design our own tube tools with our design twists in TinkerCAD! 3D Prints are free for coming!

Holiday Party

Join us for snacks, games, and fun! It’s the TEEN holiday party!