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Independence, Inc. works to encourage people with disabilities to be full participants in the communities in which they live. In order to do this we provide services to assist people in removing the barriers that keep them from being fully integrated.

Information And Referral: Independence, Inc. provides information on all disability related topics. We also strive to make referrals to other agencies when appropriate. This service is available to people with disabilities and members of the community at large.
Individual Advocacy: Independence, Inc. assists people in removing obstacles that are keeping them from full inclusion in the community. This may be assistance and/or representation in obtaining access to benefits, services and/or programs to which somebody may be eligible.

Independent Living Skills: Independence, Inc. offers individual and group trainings to increase the skills needed to live independently. Some of the topics offered include budgeting, computer training, driver simulation training, job training, cooking, Living Well with a Disability, Leadership Training, Disability Pride and Power, and many more.

Peer Mentoring: Independence staff recruits and trains people with disabilities who can foster independence in others by becoming a peer mentor and matches them with individuals who may be experiencing similar situations.

Nursing Facility Transition: Independence, Inc. is able to assist individuals with disabilities who reside in institutional settings to regain their independence within the community of their choice. We assist individuals with acquiring various levels of assistance based on individual needs and individual wants.

Youth Transition: Independence, Inc. supports and empowers youth in making a successful transitions into adulthood. Services can be provided in an individual, group, or classroom setting.

Community Services: Independence, Inc. provides community services in order to increase the capacity of the community to support the full integration of people with disabilities.

Systems Advocacy: Independence, Inc. works to implement policy changes on a local, state, and national level to make facilities, services, and opportunities available and accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility Compliance: Independence, Inc. is committed to creating fully accessible communities. We provide technical assistance for businesses, agencies, and individuals in their own homes. Architectural accessibility surveys and consultations are available for businesses, organizations, or individuals in need of accessibility compliance information.

Community Education: Independence, Inc. provides a wide range of community education topics to raise awareness about the issues facing people with disabilities. A few of our Community Education options are listed: Disability Awareness Training, Independent Living History and Philosophy, Americans with Disabilities Act, Community Accessibility, Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities, Service Animals/Therapy Animals.

Mission Statement

Our Mission
To advocate for the freedom of choice for individuals with disabilities to live independently through the removal of all barriers.

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Minot and surrounding area.
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Scott Burlingame, Executive Director
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