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We provide a safe, confidential place to be heard. We help families and educators learn best practices in parenting and educating a child with learning differences or challenges, and in strengthening parent engagement in education. We help families resolve disputes and communicate with educators.

Support for Family: Confidential phone calls or visits to review and prepare for IEPs or 504s.
Webinars and workshops on education and special education topics.
Help in understanding and navigating the special education system.
FREE resources and handouts.

Bring a parent perspective to state leadership

We offer early intervention (EI) support through our Parent Support Provider program, assisting families through peer support from individuals who have been through the EI process.

A comprehensive website

Support for educators
Confidential phone calls/email with constructive solutions to roadblocks.
Presentations and trainings for new teachers, parents or other parent support groups.
Assistance in strengthening parent engagement through resources and supports.
Comprehensive resources on education strategies; character education and parent engagement.
Outreach to diverse families including families who are American Indian or that have limited English proficiency or disabilities.

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701.837.7500 Mainline,

701.837.7501 Jodi Webb – Executive Director,

Mission Statement

Offering resources to parents, youth, professionals, and the community working with individuals 0-26 years of age with learning differences or challenges.

All services are FREE
Just call, stop by or email us directly
Just call, stop by or email us directly
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8:00am to 5:00pm; M-F with workshops provided
Jodi Webb - Executive Director
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1412 2nd Avenue SW 2nd Floor, Minot, ND (Temporarily closed to the public)
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PO Box 758 Minot, ND 58702