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Blog News

Lego Club: 12/22/2014

lego_small.jpgThe LEGO Club will meet Tuesday, January 13th at 7:00 PM in the Imagination of the Minot Public Library.  Children ages four years to Grade 5 and parents interested in building are encouraged to attend. For more information contact the Children's Library at 838-0606.

ASK Programs for Kids: 12/22/2014

 after_school_kids_programs.jpgAfter School Kids Programs - After School Kids Programs will resume on Monday, January 5th  at 3:45 PM in the Imagination Station of the Minot Public Library. The activity-based programs are geared for school age children (K-5).  For more information contact the Children’s Library at 838-0606.

Christmas Puppet Show: 12/15/2014

christmas_image.jpgCHRISTMAS PUPPET SHOW - Independent children ages 3-6 are invited to join Flash and his friends for special Christmas puppet show. The special holiday show will be held on Saturday, December 20th at 10:30 AM.  Parents may relax and browse the library while their child attends the puppet show.  For more information contact the Children’s Library at 838-0606

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