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New Hours of Operation

Effective September, 4 2023 the Minot Public Library will be implementing new hours of operation. Our new hours will be as follows, Monday – Thursday

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MPL Eliminates Fines

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Digital Resource of the Month

Friends of the Library Book Sale

The Friends of the Minot Public Library are hosting their first book sale of the year! These book sales are always a good time to stock up on your next reads, or look for that last book in a series. The sale will be held on Thursday, February 29th from 9:00am-7:30pm and will be a free-will offering sale. Take what you want, give what you can. All proceeds will go to the Friends of the


Digital Resource of the Month

Stream movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films, and educational videos! Log in using your library card!

Minot Public Library

For The Love of Reading

Dinosaur, Dinosaur, I Love You

"This adorable collection of sweet rhymes that celebrate love is perfect to share with a special little one, and features a fun dinosaur twist!"

I Love Insects

"The girl in this story loves insects. Her friend does not like insects. Like them or not, children will learn many interesting facts, as well as why insects are essential to human survival"-

Alex & Eliza

"Before the world knew them as Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, young Alex and Eliza fell in love amidst the turmoil of the American Revolution"

Your Heart My Sky

"Summer, 1991. The people of Cuba are living in el periodo especial en tiempos de paz - the special period in times of peace. That's what the government insists that this era must be called, but the reality behind these words is starvation. Hunger has made Liana brave: she finds the courage to skip a summer of so-called volunteer farm labor, even though she risks government retribution. Amado also refuses to comply, so he wanders alone, trying to discover rare sources of food. United by a chance encounter, they soon discover that love can feed their souls and hearts - but is it enough to withstand el periodo especial?"

8 Rules of Love

"Instead of presenting love as an ethereal concept or a collection of clichés, Jay Shetty lays out specific, actionable steps to help you develop the skills to practice and nurture love better than ever before. He shares insights on how to win or lose together, how to define love, and why you don't break in a break-up. Inspired by Vedic wisdom and modern science, he tackles the entire relationship cycle, from first dates to moving in together to breaking up and starting over. And he shows us how to avoid falling for false promises and unfulfilling partners"-

The Hundred Loves of Juliet

"Helene Janssen has been dreaming of Romeo since she was cast as Juliet in her school play in eighth grade. With her father dying from an incurable brain tumor and the boy cast opposite her a jerk, Helene invented her own Romeo--an imaginary friend who grew up alongside her and who starred, albeit under a different name each time, in the many historical, romantic vignettes she delighted in writing. It was all supposed to be a figment of her fertile imagination, until--fleeing from an emotionally abusive marriage and a dead-end job--Helene arrives in Alaska one snowy January and meets fisherman Sebastien Montague, who is her dream man made flesh--down to the tiniest, most idiosyncratic details. How is a man she invented suddenly alive, in the real world? Helene is determined to unravel the mystery--while Sebastien is equally determined to keep her from the truth."

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