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Read Across America

Read Across America was created by the National Education Association (NEA) in 1998. This is a year round program that was created to help celebrate

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Black History Month: Fireside Chat

February is dedicated as Black History Month honoring the accomplishments and sacrifices of African Americans throughout history. The theme for 2023 is “Black Resistance”. In

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MPL Eliminates Fines

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Summer Programs Are In Full Swing

Kids are out of school, summer is finally here and library programs are in full swing. Summer programs offer engaging activities and resources that nurture a love for learning and reading. From science programs to writing workshops, internet safety or learning American Sign Language, (and let’s not forget the summer reading challenge!) the Minot Public Library is here to help you make the most out of your summer. Join us as we celebrate the love


Digital Resource of the Month

NoveList Plus is the premiere database of reading recommendations, available through libraries around the world presenting fiction, nonfiction and audiobooks and includes expert recommendations, reviews, articles, lists and more. 

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Moms Can Do It All

Celebrate mums and all the amazing things they do with this perfect gift for Mother's Day. Beautiful illustrations and inspiring, rhyming verses make this the perfect gift for mums and for birthdays year-round. Young ones will love sharing this book with Mum and learning all the exciting things mothers can do-and everything they can do, too!

The Loud Librarian

A little librarian with a larger-than-life voice finds her place in this sweet and uproarious picture book about being true to yourself--no shushing required! Penelope is perfect for the job of student-librarian. Friendly? Check. Helpful? Check. Book lover? Check. There's just one snag. Penelope is...LOUD. Bookcases may topple and the ground may quake at the sound of her voice, but Penelope is determined to prove she's perfect for the job and stay true to herself. Can a little librarian with a big voice find a place where she belongs?

Change the Game

High school star athlete Colin Kaepernick is at a crossroads in life. Heavily scouted by colleges and MLB as a baseball pitcher, he has a bright future ahead of him as a highly touted prospect. Everyone from his parents to his teachers and coaches are in agreement on his future. Colin feels differently. Colin isn't excited about baseball. In the words of five-time all-star MLB player Adam Jones, "Baseball is a white man's game." Colin looks up to athletes like Allen Iverson: talented, hyper-competitive, unapologetically Black, and dominating their sports while staying true to themselves.

Mexican White Boy

Sixteen-year-old Danny searches for his identity amidst the confusion of being half-Mexican and half-white while spending a summer with his cousin and new friends on the baseball fields and back alleys of San Diego County, California. Newbery Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Matt de la Peña's Mexican WhiteBoy is a story of friendship, acceptance, and the struggle to find your identity in a world of definitions.

Death by Iced coffee

Bookstore-café owner Krissy Hancock is stepping out from behind the counter to take part in the first annual Pine Hills, Ohio, marathon. But with a killer close by, she may soon be running for her life . . . It's a brutally hot day in Pine Hills, and Krissy Hancock would love to be sitting in a shady spot and sipping her favorite iced coffee. Instead, she's lacing up her sneakers for a marathon--and swiftly regretting it. Especially when she finds one of the other runners lying motionless.

american cults

America has spawned hundreds of cults. Charismatic leaders periodically burst into the news for the most awful of reasons. We are awash with stories of brainwashed members' struggles to leave. Meet the messianic leaders, see the indoctrination and manipulation, look at their beliefs, and read the stories of some of America's most notorious, eccentric, and unusual cults!

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