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Do you love playing chess? Do you want to learn more about it? We are stoked to announce that we are bringing this timeless game

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MPL Eliminates Fines

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Digital Resource of the Month

Adventure Begins At Your Library

Summer reading is almost here, get ready for an adventure! On Saturday, June 1, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM, the Minot Public Library and the Ward County Public Library are teaming up and partnering with businesses in downtown Minot to bring you a Summer Reading kick-off party! Join us at Main Street Books to begin your family friendly adventure across downtown Minot. Decipher clues that will lead you to exciting new places. Keep an eye


Collection Spotlight

This innovative, analog-style camera brings what you love to life. Every angle, in all the colors, with all the creative options. Experiment with vivid colors, go retro, add softness to the focus or lose the color. With 10 lens effect and 10 film effect options, you can create the exact vision you have in mind.

Minot Public Library

Military Appreciation Month

My Military Mom

"Lenny follows Connor for a school project and learns about his life with a military mom."

The Armed Forces Encyclopedia

"Together, the branches of the US military defend the nation at sea, in the air, and on land. This title explores the history of each military branch, how it has evolved over time, and what its role is today."

Pure Grit

"The story of American nurses serving in the Philippines when the Japanese attacked the islands on December 8, 1941."

Price of Duty

"Hailed as a hero, being considered for a Silver Star, Jake returns to his pro-military hometown and family injured physically and emotionally. Unsure if he can return to active duty, Jake is uncomfortable with the alternative. And he doesn't feel very heroic in the face of all that he witnessed-- the human cost of war."

A Patriot's Promise

"An inspiring memoir of promises kept, overcoming obstacles, and what it means to sacrifice for others, written by a Special Warfare Operator with the Air Force. When DT was injured in action, he lay in a coma for three months with third-degree burns on 80% of his body. He nearly died three times, and doctors predicted - if he survived - he would forever breathe with a respirator and never walk again. DT pushed through every limit to his full recovery, and he became the first 100% disabled veteran to re-enlist in the Air Force."

Walk In My Combat Boots

"Shares firsthand wartime accounts describing the courageous battlefield sacrifices of men and women from every branch and operational specialty of the U.S. military, from the Vietnam War through the present. These are the brutally honest stories usually only shared amongst comrades in arms. Here, in the voices of the men and women who've fought overseas from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, is a rare eye-opening look into what wearing the uniform, fighting in combat, losing friends and coming home is really like."

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